Water Damage and Moisture Protection

We at Klein Hardwood Floors send out our condolences to all the family's in the Houston area affected by the flooding. These are difficult trials for the flood victims, but we are strong and some good will come, it may be a stronger family, or helping others, but we pray for all the families that for each situation, something powerful and good will bless them.  

For Basic Water Damage Prevention:

Keep your hardwood floors free from moisture and water damage. A few simple steps are all it takes to ensure water does not ruin your new floors. Easily prevent buckling, creaking and warping.

Let us acclimate your wood floors before installation to prevent any future problems. We will take up the damaged wood floors and remove them from your house, cleaning everything and treating for mold before we reinstall a new floor. 

We start by removing all material that was damaged including nails and any loose debris. If the area beneath is still damp, we let it ventilate and dry thoroughly before proceeding. We then add a new support frame and base for the new flooring. 

Proper maintenance will ensure your beautiful hardwood floors last a lifetime. Contact us today to learn more about maintenance programs and schedules including oiling, waxing and buffing your floors.

Save time, frustration, and money - Let our team of professionals maintain your hard wood floors for you.