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A Reliable Wood Flooring Services Provider

Houston, TX experiences high levels of humidity throughout the year, causing major problems for wooden floors. You can count on us to install floorings expertly and to your specifications. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology in sanding and finishing and using the latest techniques, our highly trained and experienced team has served various areas in Texas, such as:

  • River Oaks
  • Memorial
  • Carlton Woods in The Woodlands
  • Kemah

Our Core Values

  • Honesty
  • Reliability
  • Trust

Flooring Installation

Various things, such as moisture imbalance, plumbing leak, or low indoor relative humidity can cause a cupped wood floor. The back of the wood is longer than the top because of moisture coming from the backside of the wood. We make it a point to install a barrier to protect all the floorings we have installed because moisture can cause severe problems.

The most important part of wood floor installation is proper subfloor preparation because this is when you can address most of the problems. With more than 39 years of experience in the industry, our company proudly offers various wood flooring options in designer colors and intricate patterns. These include:

Solid Wood

From different custom mixed colors to stains, solid wood floors give you various options to choose from. Our team sands and finishes this type of wood on site. We can apply a clear water-based finish for lighter floors or an oil-based finish for darker floors. Aside from these, we also offer an old-school wax finish, which is always a beautiful look.

Engineered Wood Floors

The main difference between engineered and solid wood flooring is that the former is more resistant to fluctuations in temperature and humidity. Through strict quality control, we ensure that we only use high-quality materials. Our manufacturers carry both engineered and solid wood floors. Some of our manufacturers are:

  • Anderson
  • Armstrong
  • Authentic Pine Floors
  • Bruce
  • Columbia
  • Kahrs
  • Mannington
  • Mullican
  • Robbins
  • Shaw
  • Vintage
  • Zickgraf

Laminate Floors

This type of flooring is very popular. We have installed various laminated floors throughout the years and are always careful to check for moisture. This is because of the high-density fibers laminate flooring has, which can absorb water rapidly and swell along the edges of the boards. This distortion does not disappear even after the flooring has dried.

A Message From Our Owner

Kevin Kaley

Owner of Klein Wood Floors
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