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Your Go-To Company for Wood Flooring Services

Do you want a hardwood floor installed, restored, maintained, or repaired? Klein Wood Floors can help. Our company offers wood flooring services in Houston, TX and other surrounding areas. 

We would be happy to stop by and talk to you about your project. Some of the services we offer are:

  • Floor Leveling On or Above Grade
  • Complete Diagnoses for Subfloor, Concrete, and Air Moisture
  • Buffing and Wood Floor Maintenance
  • Sand and Finish (Including Oil-, Water- and Wax-Based Floor Finishes)
  • Installation of Solid Wood Over Screeds, Laminate, Engineered, and Floating Wood Floors
  • Moisture Control Protection
  • Water Damage With Dehumidification System
  • Troubleshooting and Repair Work

Our Services


Many people think it's easy to install a hardwood floor. However, the difficulty depends on what was installed before. If a contractor glued laminate directly to your concrete foundation, you may find it extremely hard to remove.

Once the entire surface is clean, you have to check whether your floor is level. If it's not, your new hardwood floors will not be able to lie properly. They will buckle and bow after a short amount of time.

There are also several techniques professionals use to cut the wood plank ends beside walls and in doorways. If you do it yourself, you may waste a lot of good planks before you find the right way to work around these areas.

Leveling and Repair

Hardwood floors may buckle, creak, or pull away from the foundation because of various influences, such as:

  • Adjusted Leveling of Mounting Surfaces
  • Changes in Foundation
  • Moisture
  • Wear

We have years of experience in repairing floors, stairs, balconies, and other wood surfaces ranging from historic homes to modern mansions. You can trust our team to get your property back into shape.

Floor Maintenance

Whether it's water damage, scratches, warping, or just plain wear and tear, we can refinish and restore your wood flooring with sanding and refinishing. Regardless if you have clumsy kids, intense humidity, or a pet with sharp nails, we have you covered.

No matter the issue, we can keep your floors looking new. Proper maintenance will ensure that your beautiful hardwood floors last a lifetime. Contact us today to learn more about maintenance programs and schedules including oiling, waxing, and buffing.

Water Damage and Protection

For basic water damage prevention, make sure to keep your hardwood floors free from moisture and water damage. A few simple steps are all it takes to prevent buckling, creaking, and warping and ensure water does not ruin your new floors.

Let us prepare your floors before installation to prevent any future problems. We will take up the damaged pieces and remove them. Aside from this, we will also be cleaning everything and treating the area for mold before reinstalling a new floor.

We start by removing all the materials that were damaged, including nails and any loose debris. If the area beneath is still damp, we let it ventilate and dry thoroughly before proceeding. We then add a new support frame and base for the new flooring.

A Message to Flood Victims

Our team at Klein Hardwood Floors sends out our condolences to all the families in Houston, TX who are affected by the flooding. These are challenging times for flood victims. But, we are strong, and some good will also come—be it with a stronger family or gratification from helping others. We pray for all the families that for every situation, something powerful and good will bless them.

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